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Exchanges Are In!
Hi dear members of InflexCapital,
Following a recent influx of reports concerning LibertyReserve's unannounced and unexplained blocking of accounts, it has come to our attention that there are quite a number of investors who would like to be paid to PerfectMoney instead. Therefore, in adherence with our spirit of listening to the investors' voice, we have now added a new Currency Exchange service that is available immediately in your back office.
We surveyed the market and decided upon a competitive rate that would allow you to exchange your funds from the back office. We noticed that some exchangers have even stopped working with LibertyReserve altogether, so the rates we are offering reflect the current market conditions, and it is a decision for you to make whether or not you would like to take advantage of the situation. At the moment, we would highly recommend transferring your funds to PerfectMoney in order to prevent any further losses. LibertyReserve is, at the moment, at a critical turning point of their services online, and we believe that you should take advantage of this exchange service to get your funds into a much safer and more trustworthy payment processor. Fear not, should LibertyReserve pick up their slacks and continue to perform as they had, we also allow you the opportunity to exchange your funds from PerfectMoney back to LibertyReserve.
At this moment, only LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney exchanges are allowed. This is a service we rendered in response to LibertyReserve's unexpected behavior, and therefore, we might turn off the service without prior notice. We sincerely hope that LibertyReserve will explain their actions for the past few days, and we will decide further on how to handle the issue should they decide to shut down your LibertyReserve account. If you have already made a deposit in our account, please do not worry as you can exchange all your earnings to PerfectMoney.
Therefore, if you haven't already, we would urge you to add your PerfectMoney account in your office as soon as possible so that you can take advantage of this service right away. Please note that your PerfectMoney account number starts with a U followed by 7 digits, eg: U1234567. The 6-digit number that you received in your email when you first signed up is treated like a username in PerfectMoney's system, and we cannot use that to pay you, unfortunately.
*IMPORTANT*: In order to add your PerfectMoney account, please submit a ticket HERE to have it manually added. Please submit your username along with your PerfectMoney account number (U1234567) in order for us to add your account promptly.

Thank you for your understanding, and we hope that this new feature will help you in numerous ways!
Aug-19-2012 05:06:32 AM
Our LR account was locked!
Dear members,

Our Liberty Reserve account is LOCKED by LibertyReserve for unknown reason. Therefore we have temporarily disabled our RCB service until the problem is solved. We are trying to contact LR staff to solve this problem and re-enable our RCB service ASAP.
We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
Thank you for using our services!
Best regards,
Hyipnew Team

Aug-18-2012 09:01:43 AM
Interview on MNO - InflexCapital
Hello dear members of InflexCapital,
Paul from Money-News-Online has published an interview for us yesterday. The questions are really good, and we tried to answer with as much detail as possible. That resulted in an interview that goes longer than usual, and we would suggest getting a cup of coffee with some cookies before you start. We feel that a lot of the questions hit the nail on the head; Paul asked various things ranging from the server and script we use to the nitty gritty of our humble beginnings. We took the opportunity to also explain as much as possible with as few words as possible. That didn't quite happen the way we envisaged, but it is still truly detailed. You can read the interview here: Link
Some of the things we'd like to mention today are:
Our server time is now available on our home page
Payouts on weekends
First off, the server time on our home page determines when your interests are credited. The official timezone our server uses is GMT + 1. So say you invest at 7am GMT +1, your first earning will be credited the next business day at 7am GMT +1. If you invest on a Friday, your first earning will be posted on Monday. The server time is NOT the time schedule we use to process payouts. We process payouts twice a day at 7am GMT +6 (instead of GMT +1) and 7pm GMT +6. So if you request a payout right either of those times, your payout will be processed the next cycle. We hope that clarifies whatever concerns that you had with regards to payouts.
Moving on, your payouts on weekends will be processed on Monday at 7am GMT +6. We tried to explain the situation in previous newsletters but a few members had their concerns when their payouts were not processed over the weekend. That's absolutely normal and to be expected, because our working staff take their breaks on weekends. We will resume payout on Monday at 7am GMT+6, so if you requested your payout on a Friday night at 10pm GMT +6, it is unlikely to get processed until Monday. Again, hopefully that helps answer some of the questions you may have.
For the sake of informing you with our latest statistics, we have been receiving quite a few deposits after our first cycle ended. And we have also been very positively rated on numerous platforms, especially at Money-News-Online's Shoutbox. We are absolutely grateful for their reception, and we hope that they will continue to support us. Thank you for reading and have a great week ahead!
Like us on Facebook: Facebook
Follow us on Twitter: Twitter

Aug-7-2012 04:28:12 AM
One Month Anniversary!
Dear inflexCapital members,
We are finally one-month old! We have finally crossed our first milestone without any major hiccups, and please indulge me in going over some of the things we did in the first month online.
We added a new LiveChat button that allows you have a live conversation with one of our support staffs; we hired several new support staff for our group to handle the incoming tickets, as well as live chat requests; we added a new Support Ticket system; we had our first 200th active member just a few hours ago; we're finally listed on MNO's Premium Listing and we just moved up to the 16th spot yesterday; we threw in a nice $1 promotion for the first time; we had 0 downtime this entire month; we added SolidTrustPay. Wow, that was a mouthful! Looking back, we had certainly achieved quite a few things. Certainly, one could argue that most of those listed were not anything substantial. The way we look at it, any improvement at all is great and that fits well with our ideal, which is to grow slow, and to grow strong. We're building an empire here, and a strong foundation is infinitely important. Therefore, we would like to invite you to keep a closer eye on us from here on out because we will be needing your support, especially now that we are generating a lot more buzz and interests after our first month!
Moving on, I'd like to remind you that as the first deposits approach maturity, you can choose to either reinvest or withdraw it to your e-currency. Some investors asked what if they want to reinvest? Will there be a fee for reinvestment?
Well, as an added incentive for our loyal investors, we will waive the 5% fee if you choose to reinvest. To get the 5% added to your account, please send us a support ticket, and we will add it to your principal as soon as we can. This is NOT a limited time offer, so please do not worry about it.
In line with our spirit to keep adding new features to our site, we are looking to move the Sign In form to somewhere more visible so that you can log in easily. This issue was brought up yesterday by some members, and that it seems like a smart move for us -- to place a login form somewhere visible so that investors can actually sign in! With that said, we are exploring various ways of placing the sign in form. We hate to move too many things around the site as we had already spent a huge chunk of time designing it. Therefore, please bear with us for a few more days while we figure out the best way to implement this.
Lastly, with the successful completion of our first month online, I'd like to personally thank all our support staff for their hard work. And not forgetting all our precious investors for bearing with us and giving us your opinions. Without your encouragement and support, we will not be where we are today. We will work harder this next month so that we can answer your expectations.
Have a great day and a great new week!

Aug-5-2012 01:24:22 PM
Wealth Freedom Fund News
Wealth Freedom Fund Investor Newsletter
Dear Investors,
Hello to all the members and investors of Wealth Freedom Fund! Our investment program has officially been running for 8 days now and we wanted to thank all of the investors who helped us have a successful launch. We know that this will be the start of a long and profitable relationship!
We wanted to inform all of our members that we have gone through the verification process in Perfect Money by submitting all required documents, and are now "Verified" status. We hope this will help establish trust with our members who wish to deposit using Perfect Money.
Also, we have created a Facebook page and added a "Like" button to our site. If you are getting paid, please take a second to "Like" us on Facebook!

Thank you,
Wealth Freedom Fund

Jul-30-2012 07:31:56 AM
[Felmina Alliance] Official Newsletter
This is an official newsletter from Felmina Alliance Inc.
Starting from Tuesday, July 24, 2012 four of our very experienced customers will be hosting weekly live "Q and A" conference phone calls to benefit new and potentially new members. Read over the website and play with the calculator. Bring any questions to the call. Members may bring guests to the call.
To take part, please dial:
+1-712-429-0690 pincode 139828#
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:05pm EST
As of now, these conference calls are for English-speaking customers only, but we are working to add other languages too!
Find a moment to visit our official Facebook page at This is the fastest way to get the latest news and updates.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions and need help with anything. Your thoughts on how to improve our website and the services we offer are more than welcome.

Jul-25-2012 02:16:47 AM
Felmina Alliance Customer Relations
This is an official newsletter from Felmina Alliance Inc.
As you may have heard, from today on Payza can no longer offer its services to the online investment industry due to the all the more stringent U.S. and global regulations.
But this is really good news. Today, we are introducing a new payment method to our system that would replace Payza. The name of the new system is EgoPay. As can be derived from its name, it is centered around you as the customer.
We assure you that the new payment system is a perfect solution and will make the use of your Felmina account even more user-friendly and convenient.
You can transfer funds from your existing Payza account into your EgoPay account and vice versa almost immediately. The minimum amount per transfer is just $1.00. You do not need to submit any additional documentation to get your account verified. All you need to do is open your account at EgoPay, fund it from your Payza account and you are good to go. No more lenghty and tiresome verifications!
The same precedure will apply when withdrawing funds from your Felmina account into your EgoPay account. Once the funds are in your EgoPay account, you will be able to send the amount to your Payza account. Such transfers will be processed very quickly. The minimum for this transaction is very low, just $5.00.
We have prepared detailed guides on how to open and fund your EgoPay account.
To set your account with EgoPay:
- Go to
- Click on the 'Create EGOPAY account' button in the top right corner of the page.
- Select the preferred account type, either Personal or Business.
- Fill out the registration form and check the box stating that you accept the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and AML Policy and click the 'Signup' button.
- Click the confirmation link that will be sent to your email address.
- Log into your EgoPay account by entering your email address, account password and the PIN code.
- Complete the account registration by entering your details into the form you will see and click 'Save' button.
- Your account will be fully functional at once.
To fund your account with EgoPay:
- Log into your account at
- Click the 'Deposit' button at the top of the page.
- Click 'Payza' in the list of available funding options.
- Choose the wallet you want to add the money to and enter the amount you want to add. Note that you can add USD and EUR. Click 'Next' button.
- Check the transfer details and click 'Confirm' button.
- You will then be re-directed to to finalize the transfer.
- Enter your Payza account details to complete the transfer.
- The transfer will be completed almost immediately. Please allow for a slight delay as Payza may need to verify the transfer for your security.
- Now you are good to go!
To withdraw funds from your EgoPay account back into your Payza account:
- Log into your account at
- Click the 'Withdraw' button at the top of the page.
- Click 'Payza' in the list of available withdrawal options.
- Enter the amount you want to withdraw and click 'Next' button.
- Check the transfer details and click 'Confirm' button.
- The transfer will be completed almost immediately. Please allow for a slight delay as EgoPay may need to verify the transfer for your security.
Please note that all the interest you have been earning on the previously made Payza deposits, will continue to be credited to the Available Balance (Payza) in your account.
All the funds held in your Available Balance (Payza) will be available for withdrawal into your EgoPay account only.
So, in other words, only your ability to deposit via Payza and withdraw into Payza is affected. The rest stays unchanged.
Do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have. We are ready to help you with any questions concerning the transition frm Payza to EgoPay.
Find a moment to visit our official Facebook page at This is the fastest way to get the latest news and updates.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions and need help with anything. Your thoughts on how to improve our website and the services we offer are more than welcome.

Jul-20-2012 04:46:12 PM
About ReDesign
Hello admin of hyip and all Investors,
We're doing hard work to redesign our monitor become professional and Unique ,so as our schedule ,We will be completely within 2 next weeks.
Thanks admins and all investors for using our services!
Best regards,
Hyipnew Team

Jul-18-2012 04:19:21 AM
Invest Foria LTD - Bank Wire Deposits and STP withdrawals.
All SolidTrustPay withdrawals are now processed.
More good news is that more than 50% voted in our poll for answer Yes, which means we will add Bank Wire deposits within few weeks.
Poll results you can see here -
If you have any questions please reply email or call us +44 2036033162
Best Regards

Jul-16-2012 07:46:48 PM
Newsletter 07/07/12 - Referral Contest
Hello dear member,
We are promoting our Referral Contest that will end on 29 of July 2012.
If you get:
10 Referrals = $50 on 0.4% daily plan for lifetime 25 Referrals = $100 on 0.4% daily plan for lifetime 50 Referrals = $250 on 0.4% daily plan for lifetime
If you get Active Referrals (Referrals who make a investment):
10 Referrals = $150 on 0.4% daily plan for lifetime 25 Referrals = $300 on 0.4% daily plan for lifetime
In order to receive the bonus you need to contact us at or
Ps.: You need to choose what bonus you want. The bonus are acumullated on each class, you dont can acumullate bonus from normal referrals to active referrals. Example: You earn 10 Normal Referrals = $50 You earn 25 normal referrals = $100 Total Bonus = $150 You Earn 10 active referrals = $150 ( But the bonus of 10 normal referral will be removed) Total Bonus $300 - $50 = $250
PS 2: We will monitorate your referrals, accounts from same ip and computer dont will be allowed for normal referrals, only for active referrals.
Thanks and enjoy the Contest.

Jul-10-2012 08:51:56 AM
(^_^) JSS-Tripler - Back to Normal Soon!
Welcome to all our new members!
JSS-Tripler continues to grow strongly.
Purchases of new positions have hit several new all-time highs during the past few days. This growth is reflected by our Alexa statistics:
Click "Traffic Stats" and "Reach." To see how popular we are in various parts of the world, scroll down to "Country" and click "More." (The lower the number, the more popular we are.)
Thanks to all our promoters for helping us grow so strongly. Please keep up the good work.
We're experiencing some issues with our Liberty Reserve (LR) account. We expect to resolve the matter soon. We also expect to resume LR payouts soon. Until the matter is completely resolved, we've reduced the daily LR withdrawal limits. We'll increase them again as soon as feasible.
We still need more Support Personnel. This is paid work. If you would like to help perform support functions, please send your resume to
The most important thing for new members to realize is that you can earn a great deal with JSS-Tripler. On our Blog you can see that our top earner has earned over $668,000. All of our top 20 earners have earned more than $221,000 each:
It's very easy to make money with
JSS-Tripler is indefinitely sustainable:
The JSS-Tripler Pay-It-Forward System is working well. All members who create their JSS-Tripler accounts for the first time get "$10 free money" in their JSS- Tripler accounts. They can immediately buy a JSS-Tripler position and start earning up to 2% per day!
Please tell your prospects that if they create their new JSS-Tripler accounts, they get "$10 free money" to get started. (Note that after 45 days their JSS-Tripler accounts will be debited with $10.)
We also continue to promote JSS-Tripler on HYIP monitoring sites. By voting for JSS-Tripler you can improve our degree of success. Please vote here: Yes, JSS-Tripler appears to have features of an HYIP -- but it's much different, as most of you know by now! Advertising on HYIP monitoring sites gives us easy access to the millions of HYIP participants, and provides them with something they really were not expecting -- a sustainable system!
There are over 600 HYIP monitoring sites. This suggests that there could be tens of millions of HYIP participants. JSS-Tripler may be the best opportunity they can find!
Working for our wealth and success,
Frederick Mann
P.S. I challenge you to find any program that's easier to make money with than JSS-Tripler.
P.P.S. JSS-Tripler is likely to become "the program everyone in the know joins." If you join immediately, you can tell your friends and contacts about it... before they join under someone else.

Jun-25-2012 04:07:02 PM
Newsletter 25/06/2012
Dear partners,
as promised we starting and added monitors to improve and help promote our site.
Just from now the withdraws below of $10 are been paid instantly. Withdraws up $10 will still paid manually after 30 min to 6 hours, to your and our security.
Any doubt contact us:

Jun-25-2012 04:02:40 PM
Update from Midas Investment Centre
Many members will be have investments expiring tomorrow and hopefully will like us enough to further invest as they make a decent profit, we have had many new members this weekend and many new investors. Our membership is now past the 1250 mark and growing by the hour, 85% of members have made an investment which is amazing for a company just 17 days young.
We have decided to take Midas Investment Centre to a new level as we think we can do even better, investments are growing every day as are our list of new members (148 today) but we know we can do even better with your help so we have decided to open a new contest where everyone can make some extra money.
We have decide to leave the Earlybird 10% bonus active to encourage mebers who have deposits expired to Invest again but we also believe that that we need more exposure in the forums so we have decided to make this offer.
For every 10 posts in the 4 Forums listed below we will credit your account with $1, meaning that you can earn $1 every 2. days just by posting your payment proofs, once you have made 10 posts send us a mail and we will check it and make your payment which you can withdraw immediatly.
Midas Investment Centre is fast becoming the number 1 Investment centre in the world and we think that everyone should tell the world when they have been paid. Here is a list of Qualifying Forums, so go and start posting today.
Happy posting and investing
James and Steve Admin

Jun-25-2012 04:00:15 PM
SolidBank #1 Newsletter - $500K Invested & More!
Dear valued investors,
SolidBank wishes to thank you for your trust in our program as we aim to grow our business in the effort to continue to serve you better all the time.
June the 18th 2012, is a major milestone for us at SolidBank, as it marks the second week since we have brought our system online. With the great success that the program has had thus far, we see this is being only one of many major achievements to come as we continue to strive to serve our customers better and provide our valuable investors with the best returns possible.
At the moment we are proud that our client base has almost approached 7000 investors online, with almost $500,000 dollars in capital under management.
For those who did not yet invest with us, we have created a useful tutorial that we suggest you to check. It includes all the information you need to know about e-currency registration and funding as well as how to start investing and withdrawing your earnings. Here is the link:
At SolidBank we have always promoted transparency and communication, in order to gain investor trust and confidence. In order to achieve this, SolidBank has included a chat feature on the main page of our members’ profile, where our clients can communicate directly to the admin, as well as be able to chat and share their experiences with other like minded members of SolidBank.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or doubts about our investment service. You may also reply to this e-mail at any time. Thank you!

Warm Regards,
Kevin Baker

Jun-20-2012 06:27:01 PM
Felmina Alliance Customer Relations
This is an official newsletter from Felmina Alliance Inc.
We would like to inform you that we have changed AlertPay's name to Payza everywhere on our website. We have waited for almost a month since AlertPay rebranding as Payza has been announced so that our customers could get used to the new name.
Also let us remind you that we reimburse all bank wire transfer fees your banks charge for sending your deposits through direct bank wire transfers to us. To have the fee refunded make sure to send an email to our Chief Executive Officer Phil Burrell at after your bank wire transfer deposit has been credited to your account.
Find a moment to visit our official Facebook page at This is the fastest way to read the latest news and updates.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions and need help with anything. Your thoughts on how to improve our website and the services we offer are more than welcome.

-- Best Regards,
Marketing Department,
Felmina Alliance Inc.

Phone: +1 646 918 5168 (8 AM to 8 PM EST)
Jun-6-2012 04:27:47 PM
A good news for our all members that Payza(alertpay) will added soon in our programme. It will be added within next 24 to 48 hours , Then you will invest also using your Payza account.

Another news for all imvestors that our support will offline today for 5 - 8 hours due to some personal reason. But don,t worry we come online within 5 - 8 hours again, As we come online the withdraw requests process, We just want to inform to our all members that we are not able to reply our members emails for 5 - 8 hours, So please wait 5 -8 hours if you send us any message and cant recieve reply from us...!!

Thanks to all for joining our programme.

Best Regards
Admin Earth Profit
Jun-5-2012 02:04:06 AM
Recent DDoS attack
was mitigated very nicely by Staminus. At this moment our website is up and loading fine. Also we have increased our DDoS protection level to prevent such downtimes in the future.
Sorry for inconvenience,

Jun-1-2012 06:45:54 PM

Hello, dear investors and visitors.
Only three days had passed since the launch of the project, and with us already more than 800 investors. Most of them have received already their first profit, about what you can read in the popular business forums. We are very glad, that so many people trust us, and we will do everything to justify the confidence of our investors.
Good luck with further investment, success and prosperity.
General Director,
David Marley.

Jun-1-2012 05:28:06 AM
Official Newsletter
This is an official newsletter from Felmina Alliance Inc.

In today's newsletter we would like to highlight two important developments related to our company.

In the ceaseless effort to make our system even more user-friendly and competitive we are very happy to announce that from today on we will reimburse all bank wire transfer fees charged on our customers by their banks for sending a bank wire transfer to us. The important agreement with our bank has been reached and is effective immediately.
The fee your bank charges you for the bank wire transfer to fund your Felmina account will be credited to your account principal on top of the received amount.

As most of you are already aware, AlertPay has recently changed its name and will now be doing business as Payza. This change does and will not affect our use of the AlertPay/Payza as one of the payment methods within our system.
All current AlertPay accounts will remain intact and the same login details will be used to log into your Payza accounts. promises to be more convenient, fast and intuitive, featuring new payment methods.
Please find a moment to visit our official Facebook page at This is the fastest way to read the latest news and updates.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions and need help with anything. Your thoughts on how to improve our website and the services we offer are more than welcome.

Best Regards,
Marketing Department,
Felmina Alliance Inc.

Phone: +1 646 918 5168 (8 AM to 8 PM EST)
May-15-2012 08:18:08 AM
JBP Marketing Training Webinars Today!
JBP Marketing Training Webinars Today! Congratulations, you are signed up for JustBeenPaid, the best success training and moneymaking system on the web! Are you looking to make "the big money", by learning how to promote your business, online and offline, and earn unlimited money, from the money of other people? Well the daily marketing webinars are a great way to meet new people, get acquainted with all the marketing resources at JustBeenPaid, and listen to experienced experts in marketing who are willing to help you be successful too! TWO SPECIAL, WEBINARS TODAY! Normally only about 60 minutes long, so please don't be late!,jbptrainingroom Anyone can attend -- world-wide, and with any browser or operating system! Learn how to market your JustBeenPaid at our Marketing Training Webinar series. They take place at: 1:00pm EST and 9:00pm EST, weekdays (except Thursdays). WEEKLY SCHEDULE Monday 1 PM EST - Offline Marketing 9 PM EST - Word Press Tuesday 1 PM EST - Marketing Funnel 9 PM EST - Online Advertising Wednesday 1 PM EST - Video Marketing, Lead capture 9 PM EST - Pursuasion Tactics: POP, PIF, Rotators & Skype Marketing Friday 1 PM EST - Social Networking, Article Writing & SEO 9 PM EST - Traffic Exchanges & Safelists * Topics and times are subject to change Go to: to review the webinar schedule for any changes and access webinar room link. Access CONTENT for any webinar by clicking the Topic titles. WANT TO MAKE LOTS OF MONEY WITH JUSTBEENPAID? See you in the Marketing Training Conference room!,jbptrainingroom Very Best Regards, Louis Paquette JustBeenPaid Affiliate Sales and Marketing Director
May-2-2012 07:46:47 AM
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