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Weekend Update - 3000 strong and counting
Esteemed Members,
I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far.
Everything is business as usual here at Carbondeals.
The relentless enthusiasm of our investors is on a constant rise. This keeps us continuously busy, on our toes and why not, maybe even energized.
Today we have just passed the 3000 members milestone and we are well on our way to even greater numbers.
This second week, the American market started catching up to the rest, as more and more US investors are interested in what we have to offer.
The recent market turmoil and closures actually sent a larger market share our way. Many of the smarter investors are beginning to realize that Carbondeals is the only safe investment available on the current market.
A certain tension could be felt by our livechat department this week though.
Even though the payment generation problems have been fully fixed early this week and there has been no delayed earning since, an increasing number of members ask about when profits are going to get posted and what is taking so long. Many of these inquiries come the same day the deposits were made....
While I am sure a tense market isn\'t doing investors any favors, please understand that your earnings are going to get posted regularly, every day, without interruption. Carbondeals is currently thriving and will be for the foreseeable future.
Cashout Requests are being processed at increased speed, in an effort to keep you waiting for as little as possible.
Thank you all for the support!
Best Regards,
Peter Neperus

Oct-27-2012 02:57:34 PM
Technical Improvements
Esteemed Members,
Our main email server is up and running again. Everyone can now use All correspondence from us will also be coming from this email address.
We have also addressed the issue of late profits. From now on, 95% of profits will be generated at 12:00 a.m. server time (GMT+1). The remaining 5% will be generated at 12:00p.m.
Please keep your account security credentials safe, especially if you also have friends or acquaintances with common interests. We already had 12 identity theft attempts so far. If this continues, we will be forced to implement stricter security measures, even if we know these are not to anyone\'s liking.

Best Regards,
Peter Neperus

Oct-23-2012 01:56:58 PM
First Investments Finish 1st Cycle
Esteemed Members,
One week has already passed and our first members are already seeing concrete results. Those who invested in the Clean Fuel 1 week plan on our debut are already cashing out or reinvesting their initial investment as well as 8% interest.
Congratulations to them and all the best to the rest of our members. It won't be long now until the star of our show, the Gas Recovery plan, starts reaching the break-even point.
Best Regards,
Peter Neperus

Oct-22-2012 12:47:30 PM