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$70.00 330% 10.0 paying!
Support : Support E-Mail AHM AM AHR

Min Spend : $10

Max Spend :   No Limit Referral : 5%

Withdraw : Manual

Plans : 6% Daily when reach to 150%(ROI)
Payment Method :  PerfectMoney SolidTrustPay
Server & Ddos Protection :
Forum :

Added: Jul 26th, 2015 ( Add to Myhyips )   

Monitoring Days : 396   Lifetime : 396   Last Payout  : Aug-24,2016

AVO INC - 14% Daily Profit
Dear su vinh,
We are glad to announce that we have received an excellent offer from our traders, that made us able to propose special profit for limited time. Since this is a one-time offer, you are highly advised to react as soon as possible. Only 2000 units are available. Each unit worth $500 and minimum deposit amount is only $500 (1 unit). Period of the special plan is 6 calendar
days but you can withdraw your initial investment amount earlier than 6 days if you need it. Both of the capital and earnings are fully guaranteed and there is absolutely no risk of losing funds. Members are only allowed to make one time deposit in this plan due to high request. Once all units are sold out, no investment will be allowed in this plan. Deposits are accepted through LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. You can sign in to your current AVO INC account and make deposit in this plan from Deposit Funds section.
E.g, If you invest $50,000 LibertyReserve in this plan without compounding, you will receive $92,000 in your LibertyReserve account in 6 calendar days.
We have also added another feature in your back office called (Compounding Option). Compounding is an investment tool which allows the investors to increase their deposit by adding the daily profit received to the total amount of the deposit. As a result you get a higher profit. You can change compounding rate or disableenable compounding anytime.
The compounding function can increase the deposit due to the interest received from the profit, and thus, enable the investor to withdraw a part of the profit and top up the deposit with the other part of that profit every day. The client solely decides the rate of Compounding by choosing from 0 to 100%. Compounding option is available for all investment packages. You can set it from Compounding Option section after making your deposit.
E.g, You have a $100 profit paid every day. Having chosen compounding at 50%, you will start receiving $50 profit every day while the remaining $50 will be reinvested. As a result, you will earn more.

Special plan features
Daily Interest 14%
Period 6 Calendar Days
Minimum Deposit $500
Referral Bonus 8%
Principal Back YES
Compounding Available YES
Total Return 184%

Best Regards,
6801 19th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11204
TEL +1 (212) 252-2183
FAX +1 (212) 252-2193
SMS +1 (205) 440-1010

Nov-13-2012 11:13:42 PM
AVO INC Domain Update
Dear all Investors,
Due to the USA rules on providing international investment services, we are being forced to change our main domain name from to
We ask for your understanding and really wish to apologize for any inconvenience caused by this decision. From today, you can visit us at and please update all links to
Best Regards,
6801 19th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11204
TEL: +1 (212) 252-2183
FAX: +1 (212) 252-2193
SMS: +1 (205) 440-1010

Oct-23-2012 01:17:34 AM
AVO INC - The largest DDoS attack ever in the history of the Internet
Dear All investors,
AVO INC was the target of the largest DDoS attack in the history of the Internet. Our site was received around 73,000,000 packets-per-second (PPS) SYN Flood and 118 Gbps UDP attack. In order to protect our site and clients in the last week we purchased the highest protection packages available from the all DDoS protection leaders that cost us more than half a million dollars. After even doing that they couldn't keep the site 100% up and protected so we had about 12 hours of unscheduled downtime last week. In order to protect our clients and get the guarantees we needed we finally choose the best option and we moved to Prolexic. It's the same protection provider that Liberty Reserve and most of the international banks use and it has gotten us passed the largest DDoS attack in the world through its unbeatable DDoS technologies and hardware's. From today, we guarantee that there will not be any downtime and will be online all the time from all counties and all devices.
Today, we are proud to say that AVO INC is not only the first USA legally registered asset management company that provides its services online, but also it is the number one online investment company of the world that allows worldwide people with any amount of principal to join and take financial decision. Your investment safety is our main concern. We guarantee your investment from all sides and absolutely there isn't any risk. We highly recommend that you join our Facebook page to get real-time updates and please use our ticket system if you need any help or have a problem and we will do our best to solve it within 24 hours.
Best Regards,

6801 19th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11204
TEL: +1 (212) 252-2183
FAX: +1 (212) 252-2193
SMS: +1 (205) 440-1010

Oct-8-2012 10:10:40 AM