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Eye on this Update!
Finally, We have completed rProfits system updates!
Before you read!
"Please add this email to your contacts list to receive further
email updates from us"
1- Server upgrades
We have upgraded our server so it can be able to handle over 40,000 accounts with NO delays - NO downtime.
We've also Upgraded the server DDoS protection to filter up to 100GBps attacks.
Now you can rest assured that you'll always be able to login to your rProfits account with no delays.
Try it out, its now faster and more secure!
2- Withdrawals are now processed INSTANTLY!
YES, you can now login to your account and get your money out instantly, with a click of a button!
Withdraw your earnings now!
3- Earnings issue
All earnings are being updated in your account for each deposit. If you still have any missed earning, then just wait as the system is adding it for you and you will receive it shortly.
4- Pending Withdrawals - in process!
We are now processing all pending withdrawals for the last 3 days and if you have a pending withdrawal just be patient and you will get it very soon.
Please note:
Pending withdrawals before 3rd of August will be processed after the system completes all earnings issues - it could take up to 1 week to complete this process as the system is processing earnings updates for more than 40,000 members.
5- EgoPay API updated
We've updated Egopay API and its now working with no errors, If you made a deposit with egopay and it was not reflected in your rProfits account then just wait until we add it manually within 24 hours.
6- rProfits Chat
Please vote using the following link:
- New Support System
- Representative program
- Powerline System
- New Projects & Investment plans
Looking forward to increasing your financial worth.
Best regards,
rProfits Staff
Phone: 020 8123 0683
FAX: 020 8328 3591
Profitors Investment Corp Limited
Registered in England and Wales. Registered No: 6713827 Registered Office: 1st Floor, 2 Woodberry Grove, Finchley, London, N12 0DR

Sep-4-2012 08:17:18 AM