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CFDonline Updates
As the time passes so fast, someone can still be wondering where it went. Just look yourself over the shoulder and look back, Bang! 2 days gone. That’s how I find time passing by busy working every day. There is nothing wrong in that as thats just meant I have a lot to do as we keep growing daily. And I enjoy it allot. Now almost 40 days old our status is as following. 1020 members joined CFDonline with 43% active investing. $21,214 active investments and $7,746 paid out. The different is quiet big as a start is always slow and accelerating. Investors with 30 days plans just started get principal back on the plan last week. So a very healthy balances indeed. Now in just a few days, first investors on the 90 days plans are already getting in profit. Congratulations to your all. Still when we look at the plan interest, the leader is still clearly the 90 days plan with its now 97% of total, 2% on the 30 days plan and 1% on the forever plan and 60 days plan. Server status: Unbreakable and no problems so far. My mood: Seriously? Fantastic Support requests: Decent low as we have no problems Support from Investors: Amazing, and I thank you for that Payouts: Instant and fast It is now also time to renew the advertising for a new month on the monitors with same massive advertising and same monitors as already used. Still I will add on a few more monitors on my list with massive advertising on their sites to this week. Updates will be sent out. My news section was updated today so its more easy to read. I know! Its my fault. I write to many news emails. But anyway, now its done, and it looks nice. If you have any questions or just want to say hi, please feel free to drop by the online chat any time. Kindly regards, Stevan Brady Admin CFDonline
Apr-25-2012 09:12:14 AM