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  Our PM account is U2815171 only, STP account is hyipnew only and Email is only. All others are Fake, Please Becarefull!  
DDoS attack (under control)
Hello dear LEMPIN users! Our website is under a DDoS attack.... But don't worry. As of this writing, our experienced techs have the situation under control, although it needs constant monitoring. Please don't refresh any LEMPIN page many times, as it can get your IP banned. If the page does not load try again within a minute or so. If after a few minutes you still can't open the website, it may mean that your IP is banned. If, and only if that happens please type "my IP" at Google and send your IP address to Then we can verify if you are being blocked by our script from accessing our website. Hoping to have this fixed quickly, Jarvis
Apr-20-2012 10:10:33 PM